Lecithin-based delivery system for Boswellia serrata extract


Indena presents new studies on Casperome, its Boswellia serrata extract formulated with Phytosome technology

Christian Artaria, Marketing Director, Indena, recently gave a plenary session presentation on the outcomes of a pharmacokinetic study on Casperome, the company's Boswellia serrata extract formulated with proprietary Phytosome technology.

Boswellic acids have long been considered to be the main bioactive components of Boswellia serrata, and many preclinical studies have confirmed their bioactivities. In particular, recent mechanistic studies have validated the capacity of the ß-boswellic acid family to modulate the physiological response to various challenges, but preliminary pharmacokinetic studies in animals and humans have highlighted the poor oral absorption of boswellic acids.

To overcome this problem, Indena has formulated a purified mixture of boswellic acids from Boswellia serrata with lecithin, taking advantage of its proprietary Phytosome technology platform to optimise their absorption.

In previous preclinical work, such superior absorption was demonstrated both at the plasma and at the tissue level. A randomised, double-blind, crossover comparative pharmacokinetic study in healthy volunteers with a single oral dosage of 500mg confirmed a marked increase of major boswellic acids in comparison with the unformulated extract.

Plasma levels of the most relevant boswellic acids measured after Casperome administration, in particular ß-boswellic acids, were in the range of expected biological activity, thus representing strong support for a rational dosage regimen in clinical testing.

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Clinical investigations in four controlled studies have given further support to the relevance of this pharmacokinetic study.

Christian Artaria commented: 'We are excited about these results we achieved as, for the first time, with a single dose of 500mg of Casperome, relevant plasmatic levels could be reached and measured in humans.'

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