Marine Ingredients announces Phyto3 technology platform to provide regulatory compliant phytocannabinoids to the US dietary supplement market

Marine Ingredients, a KD Pharma Group company, will begin marketing regulatory compliant phytocannabinoid enriched omega-3 softgels to the US market

Phyto3 combines KD-Pür omega-3 fish oil with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.


The company believes that consumer awareness of the health benefits and emerging science supporting the combination of omega-3 and phytocannabinoids will continue to drive significant growth in the endocannabinoid system support market.


“The phytocannabinoid market represents a growing market opportunity with a high level of consumer demand and a growing body of clinical data to support its complimentary use with omega-3 oils,” said Olav Sandnes, President of Marine Ingredients.

“Our European source of hemp stock provides a compliant and stable supply chain of concentrated phytocannabinoids for our nutraceutical customers.”

Endocannabinoid system support is arguably the fastest growing segment within the health and wellness market.

Although the US market for these products continues to see double-digit growth year after year with analysts projecting revenue in the $3 billion range by 2021, the pace of brand owners entering this market has been slow.

“Our Customers have sought greater trade certainty, compliant ingredient claims and supply chain stability,” said Sandnes.

“Phyto3 can deliver meaningful health claims with a supply chain that is both stable and regulatory compliant.”


Marine Ingredients believes that Phyto3 represents an opportunity for brand owners to market a dietary supplement that supports the endocannabinoid system while providing cognitive support claims and other omega-3 structure function claims.

Marine Ingredients is confident that its superior quality KD-Pür omega-3 will help brand marketers to bridge the gap between the well-known health benefits of omega-3 and the emerging demand for endocannabinoid support.