NUTRAGROUP appointed Exclusive Distributor of Bimuno GOS in France


Clasado Biosciences and NUTRAGROUP have signed a partnership agreement for the exclusive distribution of Bimuno GOS

NUTRAGROUP appointed Exclusive Distributor of Bimuno GOS in France

Under this partnership agreement, NUTRAGROUP is appointed as the exclusive distributor of Clasado for the food supplement market in France.


NUTRAGROUP, which is an ingredients distribution expert and a food supplements contract manufacturer, shall answer to all your projects in nutraceutical and food supplement industry. Our experts will find a solution in the search of raw materials as per the request of every customer.

NUTRAGROUP is "One Stop Shop" of food supplements who operates and respond to customers in more than 50 countries all over the world with more than 2500 ingredients in portfolio.

“Partnering with Clasado and bringing their clinically studied trademarked product Bimuno GOS to our product portfolio would boost the outlook of Nutragroup to the customers in France and will bring in great value to the group” said Mr. Mehdi Boulahia, CEO of Nutragroup SAS.


Clasado Biosciences is a global leader in the development of prebiotic ingredient and product solutions for the human gut microbiome.

By offering its powerful Bimuno GOS, Clasado is helping companies to develop functional food and beverage formulations, as well as next-generation prebiotic and synbiotic supplements.

France, like the wider European market is acknowledging the potential of prebiotics – the time for formulators and nutrition brand owners to embrace the benefits is now. With Bimuno, the path forward is clear for businesses looking to connect with an engaged and proactive health audience.

Per Rehne, CEO at Clasado Biosciences, commented: “We are delighted to partner with NUTRAGROUP to bring our award-winning prebiotic galactooligosaccharide ingredient, Bimuno GOS, to the French market, further increasing its global reach.

Around the globe, better gut health is soaring to the top of the consumer agenda and prebiotics are proving to be one of the most effective and versatile tools for brands and formulators.

“Engaged health consumers look for strong scientific backing in products. The portfolio of research behind Bimuno GOS shines, backed by over 100 scientific publications and more than 20 clinical trials. Add in that the ingredient is supremely versatile for product formulators, and it becomes clear why Bimuno GOS is the gold standard.”


With gut health continuing to drive the consumer health agenda, Bimuno is designed to make complex microbiome science simple and easy to understand. The ingredient nourishes bifidobacteria, a beneficial bacterium in the gut that is understood to impact key areas of health, including digestive health, mental health, cognition, and immune function.

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This ingredient has been developed keeping its versatile nature and is available in powder or syrup form. Bimuno is highly stable under a wide range of heat and acidities, making it suitable for a broad range of applications, such as standalone supplements, including powders and gummies, as well as functional food applications. Establishing its ingredient in the global market, Clasado has increased its geographic reach with expansion into regions such as North America, Asia, EMEA, Australia and New Zealand.