Naturalea nutraceutical shows benefits for dogs with IBD

Cuvrex is particularly indicated for sporting dogs, elderly animals, in skin care and in subjects with gut problems

In vitro and in vivo studies have shown the beneficial effects of Cuvrex, a pet nutraceutical. The product has shown positive effects in fighting acute and chronic inflammation due to intense physical exercise and chronic inflammation linked to IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

IBD is a debilitating condition relatively common in small dogs that is characterised with a wide range of symptoms including abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, rectal bleeding, weight loss and fever.

Cuvrex by Naturalea is a pure botanical extract produced from fresh cucumbers and containing Natexin, the commercial designation of the mix of different active compounds obtained by Naturalea through its patented proprietary manufacturing process, that has showed excellent applications possibilities in humans and in pet care thanks to its anti-inflammatory actions. 

Cuvrex presumably acts at the earliest stages of the inflammatory cascade, by suppressing the levels of TNF- α, a key regulator of the inflammatory immune response. Cuvrex is a product of  Naturalea , distributed in the US market by Faravelli.

In veterinary and pet care the indicated use of Cuvrex is the prevention and the symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory states of the skin, the joints, the gut (IBD) and the skeletal musculature, while improving dog’s wellbeing and health and athletic performance. 

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) is naturally rich in phytoconstituents with anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation can result from intense physical activity and is involved in a number of disease states. Moreover, a mild pro-inflammatory state due to increased peripheral levels of inflammatory cytokines is often associated with ageing.

Cuvrex is a botanical extract with strong anti-inflammatory activity with possible applications in the prevention and in the symptomatic treatment of inflammatory states in pets. Cuvrex is particularly indicated for sporting dogs, elderly animals, in skincare and in subjects with gut problems. 

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