Naturex to show nutrition products that contribute to weight loss at HiE

Slimming Noodles and Gluco-Control Mug cake will be on show on Stand F4

Naturex will present the concept of a gluco-control ‘Mug Cake’, an apple and cinnamon-flavoured muffin presented in a cup and formulated with oat beta-glucans

Health claims approved by the European Commission offer significant potential for nutrition companies operating in the weight management category, according to botanicals supplier Naturex.

The company has developed two innovative convenience food concepts incorporating active ingredients authorised to carry generic Article 13.1 claims related to maintaining a healthy weight. The products will be on show on Stand F4 at HiE.

The first concept is Slimming Noodles enriched with glucomannan (dietary fibre) from konjac, which means the product is permitted to carry the claim 'contributes to weight loss' as part of a calorie-controlled diet. The Slimming Noodles are prepared with a delicious stock containing a blend of aromatic flavouring extracts, which makes it possible to reduce salt and fat levels and further enhance the health credentials of the product.

The second concept is a Gluco-Control ‘Mug Cake’, an apple and cinnamon-flavoured muffin presented in a cup and formulated with oat beta-glucans, which are approved for the claim 'contributes to the reduction of post-prandial glycaemic response'. Controlling blood sugar levels is associated with maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, blood sugar concerns and being overweight are health risk factors that are often associated with metabolic syndrome.

Leslie Lannebere, Business Manager at Naturex, said: 'The European weight management sector was worth US$2.8bn in 2013, according to Euromonitor. It is a thriving category and the key to success in this market is to create products that help people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight while also offering convenience, delicious taste and a pleasant eating experience. Our Slimming Noodles and Gluco-Control Mug Cake concepts tick all the right boxes in this respect. Not only are they highly effective and backed by approved health claims, but they also taste fantastic and showcase just what is possible with the right ingredients and recipes.'

Lannebere continued: 'In spite of concerns about the impact of the European Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation, in fact there are many approved claims which provide the opportunity for companies to develop healthy food and beverage products backed by substantiated and approved claims. The applications we have created for Health Ingredients Europe will inspire companies who are looking for fresh opportunities to create new weight management products that will really resonate with consumers.'