New NatecoPlus processing concept complements natural product extraction services


New technology offers high-tech grinding, cutting, sieving, meshing and pelletising functionalities

Promptly on schedule for the Vitafoods 2016 trade show in Geneva in May, the leading CO2-extraction experts, NATECO2, are presenting their brand-new NatecoPlus concept.

NATECO2 is a renowned global player in the commercial extraction of active substances without any harmful solvent — just using pure carbon dioxide. Now, within its new NatecoPlus programme, the company also offers a vast range of additional commercial services for raw materials, such as high-tech grinding, cutting, sieving, meshing and pelletising.

Once again, these complementary services come via a state-of-the-art laboratory for the analysis and quality control of natural products. NATECO2 has been specialising in CO2-extraction for more than 30 years and operates plants with production capacities of up to 16,000 litres.

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Using CO2-extraction, vitamins and other vital substances are extracted, protein concentrates are defatted, materials can be deodorised and purified, and high quality oils — Kosher, organic, ecologically friendly and biogas-derived —can be obtained in large quantities ... and absolutely solvent free.