New Zealand’s Waitaki Biosciences expansion produces significant supply of high quality greenshell mussel oil extract


Freeze dried fruit extracts offered include kiwifruit for digestive health, blackcurrant for eye, cognitive and immune support

A significant facility expansion by Waitaki Biosciences, the New Zealand based manufacturer of quality natural nutritional ingredients, is set to transform the market for Greenshell mussel oil extracts.

PernaTecTMOil, a high quality omega-3 and phospholipid rich New Zealand Greenshell mussel oil extract developed by Waitaki will substantially boost global supplies and will become a benchmark for high quality EFA ingredients.

Another result of the expansion is ActiPhen freezedried kiwifruit powder, an outstanding digestive health ingredient, and CassiPureTM anthocyanin rich blackcurrant extract for eye health, cognition and immune support.

Waitaki will showcase these specialty ingredients at the Vitafoods Europe trade show to be held in Geneva, Switzerland (9–11 May).

The ambitious expansion project has further increased processing capacity and development of new extraction technologies, building on Waitaki’s portfolio of natural nutritional ingredients from high quality New Zealand raw materials targeting health concerns in high demand categories.

“A goal of our expansion was to make it viable for brand owners to develop products with significant quantities of Greenshell mussel oil extract finally available,” said Chief Executive of Waitaki Biosciences, Craig McIntosh.

“We’ve begun the next step in popularising this unique source of EFAs with a robust research programme that will further define our material in terms of both lipid profile and biological effects.”

Waitaki is undertaking a research project which includes analysing in detail the company’s unique oil extraction process, and examining how this creates a product with a superior profile of fatty acids, phospholipids and sterols.

Early observations from the research scientists have noted an interesting level of  NMI (non methylene interrupted fatty acids),  at a level of up to 5%.

NMIs appear to have a number of interesting biological effects, such as the ability to modify lipid metabolism. The scientists studying PernaTecTMOil will also be conducting in-vitro assays that look at the effects of the oil on several different models of inflammation.

ActiPhen and CassiPure are derived from New Zealand-grown fruit varieties, which have a number of advantages over their global counterparts as a direct result of the unique New Zealand growing environment, which includes strict non-GMO policies, and clean, environmentally sustainable growing practices. They also have higher levels of protective phytonutrients as a consequence of the seasonal hole in the ozone layer.

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ActiPhen is totally unique because it is 100% kiwifruit powder containing absolutely no artificial additives, like anticaking agents. It’s also available with a low water activity (<0.2) making it particularly suitable to be formulated with probiotic ingredients.