New appointments at Salt of the Earth

Company taps salt and food enhancers retail market

Revital Ben Shachar and Dror Levy

Salt of the Earth has named Revital Ben Shachar as Marketing Manager and Dror Levy as Retail Export Manager.

Ben Shachar holds an MBA and a BA from The College of Management Academic Studies. In her last position at Strauss Group, Israel, she served as Senior Marketing Manager for the yoghurt division. She successfully led Israel Danone’s brand makeover to growth following its downscaling in sales; redesigned strategies of the ACTIMEL, DANONE and ACTIVIA lines; and launched a successful new brand, DANACOL.

She also expanded target consumer groups and branding, and planned umbrella branding strategies to maximise ROI and improve brand value and positioning. Ben Shachar also launched yoghurt-based beverages, a new, innovative product category in the Israeli market.

Levy holds an MBA from the Hebrew University and a Master of Laws from Tel Aviv University. He served as VP Export and Business Development Manager for Biscol Ltd, Israel, from 2005 to 2015. During this period, he successfully executed Biscol’s global strategy to distribute tabletop sweeteners and cosmetics internationally, including marketing the company’s key product lines to leading retail chains such as MIGROS and TJX.

'I’m very pleased to welcome Dror and Revital to our team,' said Dovik Tal, CEO of Salt of the Earth. 'Dror brings with him vast experience in business development, coupled with global food retail market insight. His first goal is to identify leading distributers for the retail market and market Salt of the Earth’s innovative products, including its low-sodium salts and food enhancers. Revital’s nomination is important for our future business success. She has proven and impressive marketing expertise, and together we will continue to grow and show strong performance.'

Salt of the Earth developed innovative low-sodium sea salt and gourmet sea salt products for the retail market, including

  • Umami-Essence Sea Salt: a propriety all-natural liquid formula that can boost the flavour of homemade recipes while decreasing sodium by an average of 30% and more.
  • Salt ‘N' Easy: a line of four distinct seasoned sea-salt roasting mixes for poultry, fish or vegetables. This cooking aid platform allows anyone to 'cook like a chef.' Just two minutes of prep helps to create a delicious gourmet dish without added fat.
  • WonderSalt: low-sodium sea salt for kids, naturally coloured with fruit and vegetable extracts. It contains 50% less sodium than regular salt.
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