New corporate video from Nektium


The video gives a personal visual impression of Nektium's capabilities and the new facilities

With the recent move to a brand-new production facility, Nektium manifests the strategic decision to increase its capacity based on growing demand for its science based botanical extracts. The new corporate video gives a personal visual impression of Nektium's capabilities and the new facilities.

"With the video we virtually invite people to get to know us. It's always difficult to get an idea of a company unless you have seen it. Since we are based in the Canary Islands people are always curious about our environment and with the video our headquarters immediately becomes more real and tangible." says Annette Badenhorst, Sales & Marketing Director at Nektium. The company's production capacity is now five times bigger compared to the previous facility, which was also located in Gran Canaria.

Nektium has undergone a major change in recent years, starting with a significant upscale of the company’s R&D department to a new corporate building and new production facilities. With major investments made in several areas, Nektium has grown to become an innovative ingredient developer and manufacturer, which was underlined with this year's launch of a prize-winning, science based botanical extract called Zynamite.

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Together with a growing network of distribution partners, with the most recent ones being Brenntag South Africa covering several African countries, Pathway International for Australia and New Zealand and Jupiter International for Korea, the company increases once more the geographical reach of its products.

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