New product format for Probi Digestis targets kids segment

The new Probi Digestis stickpack product is a fast-melt powder that is convenient and easy for kids to consume

Probi’s partner, Sanofi, is launching Cenovis Kids Superbiotics in South Korea.

Cenovis Kids Superbiotics, based on Probi Digestis, a combination of probiotics and prebiotics, is being launched as a new product application. The new format, a powder stick, is a convenient solution targeting a new market, the kids segment.

The new Probi Digestis stickpack product is a fast-melt powder that can be poured straight into the mouth, without needing to mix it with water. The product is convenient and easy for kids to consume, and comes in a nice strawberry flavour.

Probi Digestisis based on Lactobacillus plantarum 299v (DSM 9843), Probi’s most well-documented bacterial strain. More than 30 human studies have been conducted with this strain, with a focus on gastrointestinal health.

Successful partnership

Probi and Sanofi established a partnership in 2014 with a distribution and supply agreement under which the Consumer Healthcare division of Sanofi South Korea sells Probi’s gut health product, Probi Digestis. In South Korea, the product is marketed under the brand name Cenovis Superbiotics. Cenovis Kids is a line extension of this product and is aimed for children in the aged 4-10 years old.

'After the successful launch of Cenovis Superbiotics, Sanofi is strengthening its product portfolio with Cenovis Kids. It is very positive that Sanofi is expanding their probiotic range and it shows their commitment to Probi’s well-documentet probiotic strains,' says Linda Neckmar, Director of Marketing and Sales Consumer Healthcare at Probi.

Nationwide campaign

Sanofi is launching an extensive nationwide campaign for the new kids product in South Korea. The product is being sold in department stores, duty free and online, reaching out to potential customers through a mix of advertising, PR, retail promotion, sampling and online marketing.


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