New production process for industrial bakeries

Pigging gives bread better flavour and a perfect crust

Together with Technology Unlimited, URESH AG has developed a dough processing workflow for breadmaker Pré Pain that improves the quality of the bread. URESH AG’s hygienic pigging system is an important part of this process.

Bread is one of our most important staple food. Prayers and proverbs featuring “our daily bread” highlight how important bread has been in the history of humanity and we have high standards for our bread: we expect it to have a crust, be light and airy and stay fresh for a long time.

To meet this challenge, bread producers are working at full tilt to develop their processes – like Pré Pain, market leader for bake-off products in the Netherlands. At Pré Pain, ten million loaves of various kinds of bread roll down the conveyor belt every week.

To process such high quantities and react to the needs of wholesale buyers and consumers, production and logistic processes must be improved continuously.

To do so, Pré Pain works with plant engineering firm Technology Unlimited, a supplier to industrial bakeries in the Netherlands, among other partners.

Together with URESH AG, Technology Unlimited has now developed a process that enables Pré Pain to optimise the production of the pre-ferment. The pre-ferment is the basis for good bread.

Fully automated production process

A special pump mixes flour, water, salt and yeast to produce the pre-ferment. The pre-ferment is then pumped to a pre-conditioned tank, where it can rise for at least 8 hours.

The process preserves the structure and prevents clumping. The dough is then transported in portions to the dough conditioning container.

The hygienic URESH pigging system is responsible for this workflow, and guarantees dough-friendly transport through the pipes.

At the same time, the procedure keeps the pipes hygienically clean. The process also allows the pipeline network to be emptied completely.

The next batch can then be processed without losses and delays. The pre-ferment production process is fully automated. Urs Hofer, CEO of URESH AG, explains: “This application calls for a hygienic pig that must eject the pre-ferment with zero pulsation – the special shape of the URESH pig guarantees that.”

Pigging – a flexible and sustainable cleaning system

A pig is a flexible silicone structure used to clean pipes. Another use is clear separation of two consecutive batches of a product, as is the case in the pre-ferment production process.

Pigging is characterised by low product losses and time saving in the cleaning process. Pigging technology is also flexible and is easy to integrate in existing systems.