New sweetener production process cuts energy and saves water

Lampados International has completed a new plant expansion for the production of Liteez, a vegan, 3D meringue kiss sweetener for hot beverages

Lampados International has developed an automatic, closed-system production process for Liteez that ensures product safety and purity according to the strictest certifications, with full control for every step, including packaging. The new facility was designed according to eco-friendly principles to dramatically reduce energy and water use.

Liteez is a vegan, 3D meringue kiss sweetener for hot beverages. Production of meringue is typically highly sensitive to contamination, especially during the foaming stage.

Many meringue manufacturers engage this stage manually, which is very labour intensive. The new closed system by Lampados prevents contamination, allowing maximum flexibility, increasing capacity 22 times.

“When we set out to create a new sweetener, while we certainly strived for exceptional characteristics and functionality, we wanted to do so with responsibility,” said Noam Kaplan, CEO of Lampados.

“Consumers, especially Millennials, expect manufacturers to be a part of the community and take care of the environment. Part of Lampados’ mission is to make Liteez a better-for-you product in every aspect.”

The new production process of the Liteez 3D sweetener allows water and energy savings because of

  1. A more controlled foaming system that allows for a reduction of water in the mixture by 9%. This reduction also saves energy in the drying process
  2. Heated pipes save 6% energy by getting the material from cold to drying temperature more rapidly
  3. Shifting to a continuous process, washing equipment and utensils only once in each production, while still ensuring maximum safety and purity. This saves a further 47% on water usage.

“As a family business, Lampados constantly turns back to its roots and core values,” said Kaplan.

“We keep searching for innovation in flavor and functionality, but it also is important for us to conserve our precious resources. Water is one of the most valuable resource in Israel, so it is only responsible to reduce waste and at the same time produce our safe sweetener using only simple ingredients,” Kaplan concluded.