NextFerm collaborates on softgel specific astaxanthin ingredient


Israeli company has collaborated with US-based Soft Gel Technologies to release a new, exclusive-grade Astaferm astaxanthin designed specifically for softgel applications

Israeli NextFerm and US-based Soft Gel Technologies have announced they are releasing a new, exclusive-grade Astaferm astaxanthin, which is designed specifically for softgel applications and will be offered as ready-to-use softgels.

In 2019, NextFerm introduced a new, natural astaxanthin product made via yeast fermentation, called Astaferm. Further announcement included the release of a special grade for gummies and the patenting of this product, which covers aspects of composition and efficacy.

“We’re very excited about the way the market is responding to our new approach and messaging, and the backing of a reputable contract manufacturer in Soft Gel means a lot to us. The addition of a softgel application to our previous launch of gummies adds yet another important segment to our marketing efforts and our reach,” said Elzaphan Hotam, CEO of NextFerm USA.

“For us, we see a great opportunity to introduce a new and fresh approach to what was a completely generic and stagnant market until recently. Astaferm is a non-GMO, sustainable and non-marine-sourced astaxanthin,” explained Steve Holtby, President and CEO of Soft Gel Technologies.

Soft Gel Technologies is a contract manufacturer providing speciality soft gelatin encapsulation capabilities exclusively to the dietary supplement industry. It is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, CA that has been in operation for 25 years. SGTI is GMP certified through NSF and UL/NPA.

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“We will start promoting this product via our sales and marketing channels and during the coming Expo West show,” concluded Holtby. Soft Gel Technologies will be exhibiting at booth 4075.