Nigellin - the most revered health promoting seed

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Sabinsa invites you to explore Nigellin®:

  • Prepared from the dried seeds of Nigella sativa (Black Seed), using Super Critical Fluid Extraction Technology, where no solvents are used.
  • “Blessed Food” Now in Three Grades: ONYX, PEARL and AMBER with 5 and 20% Thymoquinone levels
  • Thymoquinone rich Black seed oil shown most potent and favourable effects in the context of asthma, due to suppression of most active cytokines and broncho-dilatory effect.
  • As per EFSA, “the seeds and oil from the seeds of Nigella sativa are known to be used as food or food ingredient in the EU”
  • Out of 10 extracts of Nigella sativa tested, found Nigellin is the best

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