Nutraceutix's probiotic clinically proven to modulate gut insulin metabolism

Probiotic treatment may improve incretin-mediated beta-cell function

A German Diabetes Center clinical study found that daily ingestion of Nutraceutix's L. reuteri probiotic enriches human gut microbiota and modifies gut production of protein factors that increase insulin secretion.

The study involved daily administration of Nutraceutix's L. reuteri strain (ATCC strain SD-5865) in tablets using the patented BIO-tract delivery technology that protects live probiotics from damage by stomach acid on their way to the intestinal tract.

The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study compared the secretion of insulin, C-peptide and proglucagon-derived peptides and pancreatic beta-cell function in glucose-stimulated non-diabetic participants to measure incretin effect.

Participants took L. reuteri tablets or placebo tablets daily during a 4-week period. People taking the L. reuteri had increased glucose-stimulated insulin secretion by 49%, C-peptide secretion by 55%, GLP-1 release by 76%, GLP-2 release by 43% and altered beta-cell function relative to people taking the placebo.

In a related presentation before the American Diabetes Association, the study's primary researcher concluded: 'Probiotic treatment may improve incretin-mediated beta-cell function, which could be beneficial for the treatment of glucose intolerance or overt type 2 diabetes.'

Detailed gut microbiota composition analysis of the study participants was done before and after the study. After the study, all those taking L. reuteri BIO-tract tablets had detectable L. reuteri in their stool samples, whereas those tested from the placebo group did not. No participants reported adverse effects.

The study article was published online along with supplementary data, at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Diabetes Care website in June 2015. The referenced presentation was made at the 72nd Scientific Sessions of the ADA (Philadelphia, PA, USA) in June 2012. A webcast of the presentation can be found at the website.

Nutraceutix is a Registered GMP contract manufacturer of probiotics in bulk powder, and in standard and advanced capsule and tablet forms. Nutraceutix's BIO-tract technology is protected by US patents 8,540,980 and 8,007,777, and more than 30 international patents.