Nutrify Today hosting educational forums for US nutraceutical businesses

In Asia, the company reaches a network of more than 8,000 senior industry members and investors

Nutrify Today is rolling out a host of business services for US-based nutraceutical companies with the initial planning and development stages including a series of educational forums.

During the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, Nutrify Today completed business transactions valued at more than $9m with companies launching nutraceutical products, through its idea-to-commercialisation solutions platform. In Asia, the company reaches a network of more than 8,000 senior industry members and investors. It intends to create a gateway connecting global nutraceutical industry channels with business opportunities, potentially enabling faster and more visible growth for industry stakeholders.

Working with US marketing advisor Sheldon Baker, CEO of nutraceutical brand marketing firm Baker Dillon Group, the first educational forum, on June 17, focused on various aspects of the CBD (cannabinoid) and hemp supply chain and observations regarding regulatory issues that may affect CBD marketing. Moderated by Baker, the forum included Dave Neundorfer, CEO for Open Book Extracts, Mike Hennessy, Chief Innovation Officer for WANA Wellness and Henry Baskerville, partner with Fortis Law Partners.

“A shared wealth economy goes well with the philosophy of Nutrify Today,” said Baker. “The next generation of global economic growth is going to be through shared wealth of multipoint collaborations and in the pursuit of inducing shared wealth growth in nutraceutical industry, Nutrify Today is rolling out series of nutraceutical industry educational platforms for the benefit of the Nutra industry at-large.”

Amit Srivastava, Nutrify Today founder and Chief Catalyst said: “We are committed to enabling and empowering responsible nutrition globally and it’s a privilege to serve a market like the US We have formed a strong relationship with Baker Dillon Group, and we look forward to welcoming global nutraceutical leaders through our series of online educational programming.”