Old and new supporters to gather at Resveratrol2016 conference

Interest in resveratrol is clearly strong both in the academia and among the industry active with this longevity polyphenol, according the organisers of the 4th International Conference of Resveratrol and Health

Resveratrol2016 conference, the annual gathering for the global resveratrol community, will take place at the Taipei Medical University, Taiwan from 17-19 of November. There are good levels of interest both from academia and from the industry, according to organising committee member Sami Sassi. 'The number of abstracts already received is good and so is the number of sponsors,' he said. 'Interest in resveratrol is strong globally and we have both our old trusted supporters working with us on the project, together with a few new ones.'

One of the founding parties of the conference, DSM with resVida, has been supporting the conference since it started in 2010. According to Ruedi Duss, global business & marketing Manager for resVida, participation in the Resveratrol2016 conference is an important part of the product identity. 'ResVida has undergone 10 years of development and testing by DSM together with the leading universities globally,' he said.

'Resveratrol2016 conference is an excellent forum for us to present our science for academia and to find new partners for future co-operation. ResVida is one of the leading resveratrol dietary and food ingredients to meet high safety standards. We’ll be once again presenting new studies that will support our already strong sales for resVida.'

One of the new supporters for the conference is Mega Resveratrol from Danbury CT, USA. Mega Resveratrol is a pharmaceutical-grade product micronised for optimal absorption and bio-availability. The company specialises in high purity, natural and vegetarian trans-resveratrol products in a form of capsules and powders.

For CEO Doron Efrat the focus on resveratrol is what makes the Resveratrol2016 conference so interesting: 'We want to be in contact with the leading scientists globally working with resveratrol and the Resveratrol2016-conference is the perfect venue for that.'