OmniActive expands gingever range and showcases new prototypes at Engredea 2018


At Engredea 2018 in March in Anaheim (CA, USA), OmniActive will be highlighting the latest addition to its ginger ingredient range, Gingever 10% powder, expanding its application to tablets, capsules and beverages

The previous generation of Gingever included a paste with minimum 25% gingerols, which has application in soft gels and other product formats.

Non-GMO, sustainable and allergen-free, Gingever powder is a high-potency supercritical CO2 extract with minimum 10% gingerols made from a US FDA-acknowledged GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) source.

In addition, it is produced without the use of harsh solvents and manufactured under strict quality parameters.

Known for its digestive, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the interest in ginger is rapidly growing.

However, the large doses needed to achieve these health benefits results in having to formulate with sizeable amounts of ingredient.

Gingever powder solves this issue by delivering clinically relevant amounts in exponentially smaller doses.

“Gingever is a potent and convenient nutritional solution that our customers can confidently pass on to consumers, who want to take ginger but are not satisfied with current market offerings,” said Becky Wright, Marketing Manager – Innovation.

“As ginger continues to climb the ranks as one of the most popular nutritional ingredients in use today, we will be there to help our customers capitalise on this major market opportunity.”

To show off the versatility of the ingredient, Gingever powder will be showcased in several forms for the Engredea show, including jellies, beverages and stickpacks.

OmniActive will also feature CurcuWIN and UltraSOL Curcumin in beverages. Please stop by booth 3549 to sample some of these tasty nutritional treats.

OmniActive will also be providing exclusive presentations at Engredea booth 3549 on Lutemax 2020 Lutein with Zeaxanthin Isomers, Lutemax Free Lutein and Lutein Esters, OmniXan RR-Zeaxanthin from Paprika and OmniXan RS (meso)-Zeaxanthin from Marigold Flower, Capsimax Capsicum Extract, CurcuWIN Curcumin with Enhanced Absorption and OmniLean Salacia Extract.

Representatives will be on hand to discuss the latest innovations, science and health benefits related to these ingredients.

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