Omya presents calcium boosters for foods and drinks at HiE


At booth G54 from Omya, visitors to this year’s HiE will be able to learn about the versatile calcium fortification agent, Omya Calcipur.

Thanks to its high elemental calcium content of approximately 40%, it is one of the most concentrated sources of calcium in the market. That makes it possible to use up to five times less of this ingredient than other available technical solutions while achieving the same calcium dose in a finished foodstuff. Visitors are invited to experience the successful combination of nutritional benefits and great taste: Samples of calcium-fortified almond and oat drinks will be available, as well as cookies with calcium-enriched icings and cereals with a calcium boost.

One of the main advantages of Omya Calcipur is the low dosage needed, resulting in efficient supplementation and less impact on the sensory profile of the final foodstuff. Comprising different grades of natural calcium carbonates, Omya’s portfolio enables manufacturers to select the most suitable product to achieve the best possible results in terms of nutrition and taste.

Excellent white pigment

Calcium carbonate can also be used as a white pigment, as an alternative to titanium dioxide for example. Its excellent opacity and whiteness make it an ideal ingredient for gum bases or coatings for chewing gums and sugar icings for fine baked goods and biscuits. An added benefit is that calcium carbonate can be used to reduce the amount of icing sugar in a recipe by as much as 35%, resulting in significantly fewer calories in the end product.

Holistic ingredients portfolio

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Thanks to its role as a global distributor, Omya possesses a comprehensive portfolio of versatile ingredients and provides a wide range of solutions that can be adjusted to customer requirements. Visitors to the booth can learn about the wide range of ingredients and the company’s expertise of holistic solutions. At the show, natural food colours, yeast extracts, stevia, vitamins and other food supplements as well as textured soy protein components will be showcased.