Omya: smart combination of calcium and vitamins for bone health


New product concept for the bone health segment available

In light of an increasingly ageing population, maintaining bone health for as long as possible is a vital issue.

Therefore, Omya, a leading manufacturer of calcium carbonates, has proactively developed a concept for bone health supplements.

The resulting formulation contains both Omya’s proprietary calcium ingredients as well as vitamins from its distribution portfolio: Omyapharm as an excipient and Omyapure as the active ingredient as well as vitamins K2 and D3 to improve calcium absorption.

Supplements based on that formulation contribute, together with a balanced diet, to reach the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calcium according to EU specifications.

Both calcium products of Omya’s portfolio build the base for the supplement: whereas the active ingredient Omyapure 35 - OG is the perfect choice for natural calcium supplementation and osteoporosis treatment, the excipient Omyapharm 500 - OG offers superior technological properties.

As an efficient carrier for multiple substances, it allows for a high loading capacity of active ingredients. Its particles are characterised by an external lamellae structure and an internal network of interconnected pores.

This structure facilitates the production of tablets that uniquely feature both high porosity and maximum levels of hardness. Additionally, in contrast to other porous excipients, its lamellae morphology provides plenty of surface contact points among the particles – ensuring safe interlocking during dry granulation in roller compactor.

Furthermore, vitamins K2 and D3, part of Omya’s wide-ranging distribution portfolio and embedded in the formulation, are well known for improving calcium absorption rates: vitamin K2 acts as an activator of proteins that are responsible for utilising and storing the calcium.

Vitamin D3 supports the bioavailability of calcium by regulating the calcium and phosphorus homeostasis and hence facilitating the absorption of this mineral.

Pursuing the bone health concept, the company proactively developed samples in the form of easy-to-swallow tablets, which were introduced at HiE 2016 in Frankfurt. Thanks to their mechanical strength, tablets formulated with Omyapharm can also be filled in regular packaging, reducing costs and difficulty of the conditioning process.

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Other dosage forms are also possible, including ODTs or ODGs, the latter in the form of granules. Thanks to their comprehensive formulation know-how, Omya’s experts are able to develop tailored products according to individual customer needs.