Optibac Probiotics swaps plastic for amber glass jars


The company is now using 30, 60 and 120 ml amber glass jars with aluminium lids by Beatson Clark for all of its capsule products

Optibac Probiotics has launched a brand refresh using amber glass jars manufactured by Beatson Clark.

With its relaunch, the probiotics supplier has reduced its use of plastic packaging by 96%, switching from plastic containers to 30, 60 and 120 ml amber glass jars with aluminium lids for all its capsule products. The move is aimed to enable wider recycling without compromising the nature of the bacteria inside.

Beatson Clark Account Manager Jonathan Clark said: “Amber glass jars are ideal for pharmaceutical, health and wellbeing products. Amber is seen as traditional and safe, and it offers fantastic protection for pharmaceutical products, blocking over 90% of harmful UV rays which might otherwise damage or change the product inside.

“And of course the environmental benefits of glass over plastic are extremely well known. Glass is easy to recycle and it can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing any of its strength or integrity. Our amber glass also contains over 60% recycled materials.”

Optibac Probiotics contracted branding agency 1HQ Global to reposition the brand, focusing on packaging for sustainable impact. The agency created front-of-pack illustrations to personify this mission “to help people feel their best”.

Some of the company’s products have also had a name change to help customers understand and buy the right product in a category often described by shoppers as difficult to navigate.

To minimise unnecessary waste, the packaging will gradually be rolled out over the coming months as old stocks run out, with capsule products going first.

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Soraya Janmohamed, co-founder and Marketing Director at Optibac Probiotics, said: “We truly believe that looking after our own health and that of our planet goes hand in hand and wanted to ensure our brand and packaging reflects this. Our commitment to providing exceptional quality products backed by science stays the same.”