PGPI launches pea protein range for meat substitutes


According to Euromonitor data, 23% of global consumers are trying to limit their meat intake

PGP International, a subsidiary of ABF Ingredients, has introduced a dry texturised pea protein range designed to help manufacturers create sustainable and healthy plant-based versions of traditional meat products.

With increased consumer attention on environmental sustainability along with a focus on personal health and wellbeing, 23% of consumers globally are trying to limit their meat intake, according to Euromonitor data. This trend has created a market opportunity for more plant-based protein products, particularly in substitutes for burgers, sausages or meatballs. Consumers are looking for the same taste, texture and experience of traditional meat products while feeling like they are eating healthier and being more sustainable.

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Made from pea protein, the Prolifica range is an allergen-free and non-GMO product which accurately mimics the texture of meat, the manufacturer says. PGPI can offer several combinations of shape, size and protein content, making the product suitable for varying applications.