PLT Health Solutions launches next global search for innovation

PLT Health Solutions announces the third edition of the company’s PLTNext Global Search for Innovation programme

The global search is designed to connect PLT with ingredient and technology innovators to assist in product development and commercialisation.

As part of the programme, PLT is putting its track record of developing and launching successful branded ingredients into supplement, food and beverage markets to work for companies who meet the programme’s criteria and are selected for further collaboration.

The Global Search for Innovation allows selected companies and organisations to work with PLT’s scientific, regulatory, intellectual property, product development and sales experts to help advance the market-readiness of their concepts and create commercialisation strategies that deliver market penetration and profitability.

In this third edition of the PLTNEXT Global Search, PLT is emphasising companies who work in the sports nutrition space as well as clean label ingredients.

The Global Search for Innovation is open to university research programmes, early stage or regional companies and other ingredient/technology developers — anywhere in the world.

This round of PLTNEXT is open until 15 June. Interested parties can apply at PLT’s website for this programme at

According to Devin Stagg, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at PLT Health Solutions, PLTNEXT is the company’s ongoing business-wide commitment to innovation in the health and wellness space.

“In North America and around the world, PLT Health Solutions has a reputation as an ingredient innovator with consumer products companies. What distinguishes our efforts, however, is the comprehensive vetting of ingredients for their scientific, regulatory and quality systems readiness and our ability to bring buttoned up solutions to our customers."

"The PLTNEXT Global Search for Innovation is all about putting this infrastructure and expertise to work for the introduction of promising new ingredients and technologies,” Stagg said.

Broad-ranging search for innovation

In this current round, PLT is encouraging applications based on any ingredient or technology that supports healthier or natural solutions that displace conventional technologies – with a preferential emphasis on sports nutrition and clean label solutions.

According to Seth Flowerman, the company’s Executive Vice President, PLT is engaged in dialogue with a number of major consumer products companies searching for innovative solutions.

“PLT is actively engaged in health and wellness, sports nutrition and clean label solutions – with an exciting and growing portfolio of ingredients in each. In all of these areas, we have the ability to engage in a dialogue with the industry and help fast-track the introduction of new concepts into the market,” he said.

Featured Companies

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