PLT Introduces Dynaleve Muscle+Joint Formula for sports and active nutrition applications


Breakthrough ingredient supports muscle and joint comfort with enhanced recovery and strength after exercise

PLT Health Solutions, in partnership with Laila Nutraceuticals, is launching a breakthrough, next-generation active and sports nutrition ingredient, clinically demonstrated to provide both overall joint comfort and improved muscle recovery.

Dynaleve Muscle+Joint Formula is a new, low-dose Boswellia serrata-based ingredient delivered in a neutral tasting, water-soluble form.

Building on more than a decade of preclinical and clinical studies that have demonstrated fast-acting, joint comfort benefits, Dynaleve was evaluated in a 2019 clinical study using a Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) model.

The new study demonstrated Dynaleve’s effectiveness, not only for the joint discomfort previously demonstrated by PLT’s patented Boswellia serrata ingredients, but also for muscle recovery assessed by reduced muscle soreness and recovery of strength.

Secondary endpoints for the new clinical trial included strength recovery, knee soreness, overall stiffness, and ‘perceived exertion’ in subsequent physical activity. The novel study also demonstrated improvements in biomarkers related to inflammation, muscle damage and connective tissue damage.

According to Seth Flowerman, President and CEO of PLT Health Solutions, Dynaleve has applications in both sports nutrition recovery based products and as support for active people of any stage of life who want to feel better, faster after strenuous physical activity.

“Dynaleve is such a novel and powerful ingredient in that it that supports both muscle and joint comfort. The new study points to an ingredient that can change the landscape of the active and sports nutrition market by offering a comprehensive, low dose solution to post-exercise recovery, while promoting the ability to perform at a higher level with less recovery time,” he said.

“At the same time, this study highlights the potential for Dynaleve to help people feel better faster in their day to day lives – things like climbing stairs or walking with less stiffness can be made easier,” he added.

Solid science points to broad ranging benefits

The strong anti-inflammatory properties of PLT’s Boswellia serrata-based ingredients have been well-establish through more than a decade of peer-reviewed research.

Looking to extend the understanding of this ingredient on the human body, PLT’s clinical trial design used a model that would stress both muscles and joints to demonstrate Dynaleve’s efficacy. In the trial, 50 recreationally active men (age 25-40) were studied for their response to eccentric exercise-related Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness using 60 mg of Dynaleve versus a placebo.

The supplementation period was 10 days with eccentric exercise intervention on day 7. Testing occurred at baseline and on days 7-10.

The study demonstrated that once daily supplementation with Dynaleve for 10 days resulted in up to a 47% reduction in muscle soreness during squats (muscle recovery) and a 31% reduction in knee soreness in participants compared with the placebo.

Full recovery of strength was achieved by 96% of Dynaleve subjects on Day 3, which was 2.5 times more than subjects taking the placebo. The Perceived Exertion of Exercise was 27% lower for Dynaleve subjects. Significant improvements in flexibility were also observed. Supporting this experiential data was the observed reduced levels of inflammatory biomarkers.

Innovative ingredient form supports innovative delivery systems

According to Flowerman, one of the key features of Dynaleve is that it is water-soluble and neutral tasting.

“Dynaleve was specifically developed as a low-dose, neutral-tasting, and soluble solution for ease of incorporation into a broad range of applications and delivery systems. This solution represents a significant invention in its own right as it overcomes the traditional challenges of incorporating Boswellia serrata into organoleptically sensitive and water-soluble formulations,” he said.

“Beyond innovative product forms, we see the potential for dramatic consumer messaging with Dynaleve. We think athletes and regular gym visitors will like the idea of a quicker and easier return to workouts, or to be able to exercise harder, sooner."

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"We also feel that the ability to enjoy an active lifestyle – every day – will be attractive to seniors or people who are looking to stay in shape or lose weight. We’re excited about how innovative consumer products companies will put this new ingredient and new science to work,” he added.

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