PLT launches water-dispersible weight management ingredient

New offering responds to demand to expand the Slendacor ingredient range to allow formulation of powders, shakes, chews, gummies and shots

PLT Health Solutions has announced that it is launching a water-dispersible form of its Slendacor Weight Management Complex ingredient. A former Nutraingredients Ingredient of the Year Award (2017) winner, Slendacor has been featured in consumer weight management brands in the US, Brazil, Australia, Asia and Europe.

After more than two years in development, Slendacor WD will allow formulators of consumer products that support a healthy weight to deliver it in a broader range of product forms – from powders and shakes to chews, gummies and shots.

According to Seth Flowerman, President & CEO of PLT Health Solutions, the investment in a new product form for Slendacor was driven by a weight loss/weight management market looking to expand the range of product applications available for consumers.

“The vast majority of effective weight management ingredients are only available in capsule formulations because of taste and solubility issues,” Flowerman said.

As Slendacor has gained in popularity, we have received multiple requests from our partners to develop a form of Slendacor that can work in additional innovative application formats to attract new customers and expand the usage occasions. Working with our partner, Laila Nutraceuticals, and its experienced applications capabilities, we are excited to be making this new technology broadly available,” Flowerman added.

Slendacor’s patented approach to weight management support works at multiple levels by inhibiting the accumulation of fat in fat cells (lipogenesis) and enhancing the body’s ability to break down fat (lipolysis). The result is an ingredient that has been clinically shown to significantly enhance weight loss and help re-shape the body.

Start fast and finish strong

Slendacor Weight Management Complex has been studied in two gold-standard clinical trials to date. The design and results of the most recent clinical research with Slendacor offer a range of significant messaging opportunities for consumer products companies looking to offer weight management benefits.

Analyses indicate that statistically significant reductions in key parameters were observed beginning at day 14. The study participants included both men and women. The subjects included a broad age range and were a healthy population of overweight – not obese – individuals.

The duration of the trial demonstrated steady, consistent weight loss – starting early, and supporting long-term weight loss success over diet and exercise alone.

Finally, the trial demonstrated statistically significant slimming – with a reduction in waist circumference, with no reduction in lean body mass.

According to Dr Barbara Davis, PLT’s Head of Clinical & Regulatory Sciences, the clinical trial results open opportunities not just for new product forms – but for new market segments as well. As an example, she pointed to the active/sports nutrition market. “Most weight management clinical studies look only at women. Yet in the active/sports nutrition market, men make up the majority of customers. Slendacor clinical study results showed strong efficacy for both women and men.”

“The research also hits on other issues that are important to active nutrition consumers – fast results, no loss of lean body mass and significant reductions in pounds and hip and weight circumference. All of these can lead to products that can support body re-shaping - a goal of many of these consumers,” Davis said.

“Since we introduced Slendacor in 2017, we have seen remarkable growth across diverse markets – and we are proud to be the active technology powering many of the top weight management formulas around the world,” said Flowerman.

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