PNS Technology from Aurea Biolabs


Visit Aurea Biolabs at SupplySide West 2017 (Booth F148) to learn about how PNS Technology can improve the functional properties of your product

PNS Technology from Aurea Biolabs

PNS Technology (Polar non polar Sandwich Technology) is an internationally patented technology extensively used to increase the bio efficacy of nutraceutical ingredients.

PNS complexes the active ingredients between polar and non-polar components (Water soluble & Oil soluble form) to penetrate cell membrane and reach up to the blood plasma level.

How PNS Technology benefits the Nutraceutical Industry?

  • Improve the functional properties of the product
  • Improve the stability of the product
  • Enhance the bio efficacy
  • Control release of the specific molecule of interest at the targeted tissues

The article on PNS technology has been published in Material Science and Engineering Sec C. Click here to read more.

Visit Aurea Biolabs on booth F148 at SupplySide West 2017 to discuss how we can be your Innovative partner & to Learn how PNS Technology can help improve your products.

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The world’s most bio efficient curcumin supplement with complete natural turmeric matrix. Acumin is also known as Cureit outside US and Canadian market. Production technology used is PNS.


Natural Ingredient formulation for healthy joints. Production technology used is PNS.


All the benefits of curcumin without the colour, taste and odour of Turmeric. Wide range of application in food and beverage.


Fitness nutrition for pre and post exercise covering the 7 functionalities for physical endurance. Production technology used is PNS.


Natural energy and refreshing drink

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