Pet food requires protection too

Maribor, the Slovenian Frutarom Food Protection Division has launched SubSTAR, a line of customised formulations for salmon oil oxidation management in pet foods

Oil from fatty fish, such as salmon, is one of the best sources of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, and is increasingly used in premium brands of pet foods due to its health benefits.

However, these fatty acids are unstable and can rapidly oxidise and turn rancid.

Salmon and other fish oil is especially challenging. Unsaturated fatty acids, being so highly prone to oxidation, can lead to spoilage, loss of quality, reduced nutritional value, can cause a rancid flavour, changes in colour and could even develop toxic byproducts.

Oxidation also leads to significant food waste due to shorter shelf-life, increased product losses and interrupted production. When the fish oil is added to the outer layer of the kibble as palatant, it only increases application challenges in terms of oxidation risk versus when it is part of the kibble formulation.

Frutarom’s new, all-natural SubSTAR formulations successfully protect salmon oil from oxidation, improve its overall stability, maintain product colour, preserve the flavour and nutritional profile.

“Available in liquid and powder form, the SubSTAR solutions are highly potent formulations, customized to fit the specific processing demands of pet food manufacturers and their raw material suppliers,” said Ohad Cohan, General Manager of Frutarom's Food Protection Division.

Rancimat test of salmon oil, performed at 90°C. Comparison of results for Control sample (without addition of antioxidants), Competitor product (natural solution), SubSTAR ULTRA (302447; natural solution), SubSTAR Complex (302530; natural solution) and SubSTAR Complex (302554; semi natural solution).Higher the induction time better the stability of the oil and longer shelf life is indicated.

“These formulations provide better stability and maintain oil quality, even during warm weather and prolonged periods of storage at elevated temperatures. All SubSTAR formulations provide powerful protection at low dosage. They are simple and easy to handle, added as part of a kibble recipe,” said Cohan.

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