Pharmactive Biotech Products joins the B Corp community

Published: 15-Nov-2023

Natural extracts leader joins a growing community of companies consciously aligned to meet the highest standards of sustainability and corporate responsibility

Pharmactive Biotech Products, a pioneer in the research and development of high-quality natural extracts, announces its establishment as a certified B Corporation. This designation reaffirms the company’s dedication to upholding high standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency, and business excellence.

The B Corp standard measures management performance across the whole company, covering five key impact areas: governance, employees, community, environment, and customers.

Achieving prescribed levels in these areas involves significant effort and dedication; companies must pass a rigorous assessment process and provide tangible evidence of good practice in these key areas.

“We always consider the social and environmental impact of our activities and have adopted a legal entity that requires all stakeholders to be considered in the decision-making process,” says Jean-Marie Raymond, CEO of Pharmactive Biotech Products. “We believe this is an important aspect to ensure the success, continuity, and profitability of our business. Our mission is to bring to market innovative products of natural origin that promote well-being,
while having a positive social and environmental influence.”

Pharmactive is known for its proactive approach to the environmentally supportive sourcing and extraction of its natural botanical. The company applies natural proprietary extraction processes via eco-friendly techniques that use no alcohol-based elements or synthetic additives. The process involves limited industrial processing, has low energy consumption, and produces minimal waste. Pharmactive operates on 100% renewable electricity and recycles the water used during the extraction of its active ingredients. Additionally, the company ships its products in 100% recycled cardboard containers.

On the social and economic front, Pharmactive, which boasts a 60% women-powered workforce (half the management team is female), actively contributes to the development of the communities in which it operates. For example, the company works with local farmers in the area of Las Pedroñeras, in Castilla-La Mancha, where garlic, the raw material for ABG10+®, its aged black garlic extract, is grown. Running solidarity activities within the community, Pharmactive maintains a stable and close relationship with suppliers and collaborators. It also encourages flexible working hours to help its employees balance work and family life.

Pablo Sanchez, CEO of B Lab Spain, adds, “We are delighted to welcome Pharmactive to the B Corp community, a movement that includes more than 7,000 companies from around the world that are leading a new way we conduct business and who believe they can truly be a force for the global good. Pharmactive is a prime example of how these results can be achieved. The company’s commitment to doing business differently will inspire others and really help spread the idea that we can redefine success in business to be as much about people and the planet as it is about profit.”

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