Phthalate-free polypropylene impact copolymers enable downgauging and faster processing for thinwall packaging

SABIC is a global leader in diversified chemicals headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

SABIC announces an important expansion of its industry leading SABIC PP polypropylene portfolio for the packaging industry with the introduction of two new, high flow, injection-moulding grades — SABIC PP 513MK46 and 512MK46 — impact copolymers based on a phthalate-free catalyst.

These new offerings open further opportunities for packaging manufacturers and convertors with production efficiency through shorter cycle times and weight savings through thin wall manufacturing.

The new grades are developed to help SABIC customers to comply with industry’s organoleptic requirements for taste and odour, with excellent stiffness and higher top-load strength for high stack ability that help manufacturers achieve faster production cycle times, lower transport and storage costs.

“The need for the industry has never been greater to find efficient solutions to the challenges — especially in food packaging — that the world faces today. SABIC understands the need for its packaging customers to not only stay ahead of industry trends and regulations but also meet the demand for lowering weight and cost by reducing packaging thickness with down gauging, faster production cycle times, and minimizing waste and the environmental impact."

SABIC’s new impact polypropylene 513MK46 and 512MK46 grades are created to help our customers remain at the forefront of industry where consumer safety and sustainability are all critical,” said Lada Kurelec, Director of Polypropylene Business for SABIC.

Developed for thin-walled packaging applications for both food and non-food applications, high flow SABIC PP 513MK46 (MFR 70) and 512MK46 (MFR 50) products provide a great balance between high stiffness and impact strength than a standard impact copolymers.

The grades are typically used in rigid packaging such as packaging for frozen/chilled/ambient food, dairy products, applications in the housewares, appliances, toys, caps and closures. These new products are produced in SABIC’s Saudi Kayan facility in Jubail and they will be available for customers around the world.