Plant-based ingredients for body and soul

Dr Sybille Buchwald-Werner, Managing Director, Vital Solutions, and Wolfgang Loersch, Vice President, Breko, review a range of effective and tasty solutions to empower beauty, support a healthy mind and soul, boost male performance and achieve more during your workout

Asian people are health conscious, looking for clean, nutritionally balanced foods and natural dietary supplements to support their healthy lifestyle. They prefer products that clearly communicate effectiveness and quality. A plant-based origin and proven effectiveness are key purchase drivers (Figure 1).

Until recently, international brands have had a higher profile, but Asian companies using branded ingredients are quickly gaining trust and increasingly able to participate in the growing market.1

Figure 1: Typical purchasing decision process

Your needs, our solutions

Vital Solutions and Breko’s branded ingredients deliver all the necessary support to their industry partners, allowing them to develop safe and effective products for special purposes and consumer target groups (Figure 2). Consumers will love the products, as all the questions and concerns about finding the right product for themselves or their family members has been answered.

Overall, the branded ingredients have suitable dosages for nutritional supplements and can also be formulated into health foods without compromising on taste.

Figure 2: Branded ingredients and concepts for beauty, male performance, body and soul and sports nutrition

Empowering beauty

The world of beauty supplements has been booming lately. Consumers are looking for science-based ingredients with guaranteed benefits. As long ago as the 1930s, beauty experts opined that good microcirculation is the foundation of great looking skin.

Until today, this premise has remained as the basis for many beauty products, which are formulated to increase cutaneous blood flow, nourishing the skin and removing toxins. Consequently, these products support regeneration, wrinkle reduction and an even skin.

Careflow increases microcirculation and empowers beauty from within, enhancing skin tone and elasticity. Acute and long-term clinical studies have shown that Careflow increases blood flow and microcirculation by the activation of eNOS (nitric oxide synthases), supporting the transport of oxygen and important nutrients for a healthy skin.

Careflow activates the longevity enzyme sirtuin 1 and increases mitochondrial biogenesis, which is critical for cellular regulatory signalling, cell differentiation and replacement. Careflow protects the breakdown of collagen by activating the oxidative defence enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase), which is also important in terms of skin ageing.2–4

Careflow is a high quality, sustainable, IP-protected, organic, natural food ingredient that’s standardised in mangiferin. Its effective dosage of 100 mg and its fruity taste allow applications in different health foods as well as in dietary supplements. It is vegan, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified and has been tested to be free from banned doping substances.

The world of beauty supplements has been booming lately. Consumers are looking for science-based ingredients with guaranteed benefits.

MitoBeauty: Ribetril A, the patented active compound in MitoBeauty, is a unique bioactive polyphenol alkaloid found only in specific varieties of red and blackcurrants. The properties of MitoBeauty are truly revitalisng for skin. MitoBeauty was originally researched for its skin healing properties with impressive results.

It is clinically documented in a human study conducted with 50 subjects to significantly increase the microcirculation and moisture of the skin and decrease wrinkles by acting from the inside.5 MitoBeauty is marketed as a skin vitality boosting product with antiwrinkle properties.

ExGrape Total: Another good option for beauty application is ExGrape Total, a highly standardised grape extract that contains a broad spectrum of polyphenols (such as procyanidins [OPCs], anthocyanins and resveratrol) with many beneficial properties.

Studies on OPCs from grape seeds show interesting effects on the inhibition of UV-induced melanogenesis on human melanocytes and the release of reactive oxygen species by epidermal cells after UVB-induced stress in mice.

Dietary supplement (4 weeks) and topical formulations containing OPCs from grape seeds reduced erythema and increased skin hydration in humans after UV irradiation. These results show promising results regarding the prevention of oxidative stress (environmental and internal), especially on the skin, which acts as an effective barrier against the deleterious effects of solar ultraviolet radiation.6

Healthy mind and soul

It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between your mind, body and soul by nourishing your whole self with quality food, balanced physical activity and mental care, allowing for emotional expression and relaxation. Although knowing this does not mean that it’s always possible to do it, the good news is that plant-based support is available to help you find some balance.

Bluenesse offers 24/7 support for your brain to manage your busy lifestyle — from demanding meetings to healthy sleep. Luckily, it can be taken on demand because human studies have shown that cognitive enhancement, mood improvement and reduced stress effects are experienced one hour after intake and are still measurable after three hours.

Bluenesse is a unique lemon balm extract for mental health, which combines traditional calming and mood enhancing effects with clinically proven cognitive performance support, particularly alertness and memory.7 Bluenesse is a high quality, sustainable, IP-protected, aqueous extract, standardized for more than 6% rosmarinic acid and muscarinic M1 receptor affinity.

Its effective dosage is 300 mg. It has a herbal taste and is water-soluble, allowing for use in different health foods and dietary supplements. It is vegan, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified and has been tested to be free from banned doping substances.

BerryShield: Berries constitute a rich source of secondary plant compounds, such as flavonoids, phenols, anthocyans, phenolic acids, stilbenes and tannins, which have strong beneficial properties. The BerryShield berry extract powders have standardised amounts of polyphenols.

Other components are vitamins, minerals, peptides, soluble fibres and cell wall components. A large number of research studies indicate the health benefits of these berry extracts. In particular, Berryshield tart cherry studies demonstrate benefits in terms of improved defence against antioxidants, better sleep and lower blood pressure.

Male performance

Sometimes, to say the least, a man’s life can be challenging. Wanting to be a successful businessman, a good father and a generous lover, more and more men are looking for effective products to boost their sexual function and satisfaction.

Careflow stimulates blood flow via eNOS (nitric oxide synthase) by more than 40% after just 3 hours intake. As shown in two gold standard human studies, it activates the eNOS enzyme, releasing NO (nitric oxide), which supports vasodilation and regulates blood flow.

Enhanced blood flow leads to a reduction of erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, Careflow reduces inflammation, which makes it easier to achieve and sustain sexual performance. It stimulates SOD and supports sperm motility.2–4

Careflow is a high quality, sustainable, IP-protected, organic, natural food ingredient, standardised in mangiferin. Its effective dosage of 100 mg and its fruity taste allow the applications in health foods and dietary supplements. It is vegan, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal-certified, and has been tested to be free from banned doping substances.

AlphaFen is an innovative fenugreek seed extract with excellent bioavailability, thanks to its liposomal formulation.

Fenugreek is known for its beneficial antiageing effects in men.

In a 60-day, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, AlphaFen showed significant improvements in sexual health and muscle strength by increasing overall and free testosterone levels and reducing oestrogen concentrations compared with a placebo group.

In addition, the study provided evidence for improved quality of sleep and reduced anxiety. Two of the relevant mechanisms of action of AlphaFen are to decrease the activity of the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone to oestrogen, and to reduce the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which binds to testosterone and renders it inactive/unusable in the body.8

Sports nutrition

Sportspeople are often concerned with questions such as

  • How can I improve my training?
  • Which products support endurance?
  • What makes muscle regeneration faster and easier?

Equally as important for successful training, however, is recovery. Combined with an appropriate diet, it’s a significant contributor to sporting success.

Recoverben reduces exercise-related muscle strength loss by 50% and supports a quick and full recovery after only two days. It protects your muscles and optimises your training programme. In vitro and human studies demonstrate that Recoverben helps the body to defend against exercise-induced oxidative stress.

Moreover, it’s able to prevent the loss of muscle strength and reduces muscle soreness.9 Recoverben is an aqueous, native lemon verbena extract without no additives that’s standardised to more than 18% polyphenols. Its effective dosage is 400 mg. It is vegan, organic, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal-certified and has been tested to be free from banned doping substances.

BerryShield: Tart cherries are well known for their ability to prevent muscle damage and pain, lower levels of inflammation and enhance muscle recovery. BerryShield Tart Cherry powder is another ideal supplement for sport performance during periods of intense training. Numerous studies and scientific reviews show, for example, benefits in terms of sports performance, including faster recovery, reduced power loss and improved defence against antioxidants.

MitoActive: Ribetril A increases the number of mitochondria and their activity. This results in improved energy production. Furthermore, Ribetril A improves microcirculation and tissue regeneration.

A study conducted in humans revealed a significant increase of 4.5% in the performance of sportsmen and sportswomen during a Cooper test after taking MitoActive for 3 weeks. In addition, MitoActive resulted in a multifold reduction in lactate production in a placebo-controlled study conducted in 31 athletes.5


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