Praesidio Health submits NPNs to Health Canada


Following its acquisition by Isracann in March, the company has submitted its first formulations for approval

Praesidio Health has completed the natural product number (NPN) submissions to Health Canada for its first formulations.

Isracann Biosciences, a multi-faceted organisation with a natural health medicine division in Canada and holdings in Israel, has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Praesidio Health has completed the natural product number (NPN) submissions.

Praesidio Health is a Canadian medical research company that develops and validates natural health products (NHPs) using an evidence-based process and has submitted all first-round product formulations to Health Canada for review and approval as natural health products under a class 2 NPN submission. It is anticipated that approvals will be expedited due to the fundamental natural ingredient makeup of the formulations.

several of the proposed NHP formulations lend themselves to the potential introduction of cannabis and related derivative compounds

Isracann board member Dr George Vrabec, an experienced principal investigator of numerous clinical trials noted: "Our recent NPN submission to Health Canada moves us closer to credentialising natural health as agents of choice for conditions that may be incompletely treated by conventional pharmaceutical drugs. The application of our NPN's in these, usually chronic conditions including post-viral syndrome, low libido, lower urinary tract symptoms, and generalised anxiety, when validated, may move these into a preferred first line of care in the primary care setting."

Company moves

During Q1 of this year, Isracann had a unique opportunity for a synergistic acquisition prospect that is anticipated to provide both short-and long-term value and benefits. This led to the acquisition of Praesido in March. The intellectual assets and advanced state of ongoing development efforts bring a portfolio of NHPs utilising evidenced-based processes directly aimed at improving patient health and wellness.

Furthermore, several of the proposed NHP formulations lend themselves to the potential introduction of cannabis and related derivative compounds which could be tailored for inclusion utilizing high-quality genetics and source cultivation from future production output from Isracann's Israeli operations.

Company management believes that because of the Praesidio acquisition, the outlook for near-term revenue generation is increasingly positive with current strategic goals targeting completion of initial product formulations in readiness for store shelves in both Canada and the USA during Q4 2022.

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Company CEO & President Phil Floucault said: "Our proprietary formulations are designed to be unique in the marketplace, utilizing the latest studies in nutraceutical science. In keeping with our DNA to use evidenced-based practices, once the formulations are approved by Health Canada, we plan to test each formulation via third party consumer studies and advance towards commercialization as quickly as possible. We are also advancing our CMO partnerships in both Canada and the US to ensure our manufacturing and supply chain needs are fulfilled in the near term. We look forward to a fast track to sales in 2022."