Premium Ingredients awarded the innovative SME seal

The General Administration of Innovation and Competitiveness of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has granted the seal of Innovative SME to Premium Ingredients, registering the company in the official list of innovative companies.

Since 1997, the company has specialised in food powder blends and has maintained a continuous commitment to innovation, contributing to the improvement of food products with the intention of reaching more people in more places at a more affordable price, and with the highest quality and maximum food safety.

This fact has been recently recognised by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness that has certified Premium Ingredients as an Innovative SME, granting the company the corresponding seal.

Premium Ingredients stands out for their innovation in the design of ingredients; in their production; in the way they offer their services and establish communications with their different groups of interest. Premium Ingredients has been helping food producers worldwide to create better products, optimising the functionality, quality and cost of their products for over twenty years.

As part of the group Blendhub Corp., Premium Ingredients offers formulations to the agrifood industry in three different categories:

Our Formula. Formulations that have been developed by the company for over twenty years. Ingredients for processed cheese, dairy products, beverages, confectionery products, products for baking, sauces and other foods.

The Center of Excellence Formulation works in the design of powder ingredients with the goal of offering its customers the most innovative products, meeting the requirements established by a changing and constantly evolving market.

Your Formula. Premium Ingredients manufactures its customers’ formulations and offers additional services to optimise their products in a fully transparent way.

Their Formula. Premium Ingredients, through allfoodexperts and the Blendhub Professional Network, has more than 1,000 experts and formulators specialising in different applications in the food industry.

This provides its customers with access to limitless innovation, allowing them to acquire any formulation or development anywhere in the world. Additionally, this facilitates formulators the use of the Blendhub Corp. environment as a tool to market their formulations. Blendhub Corp. and its companies believe in the "democratisation of food formulations."

Premium Ingredients can produce these formulations (Our, Your and Their Formula) ANYWHERE in the world, or in the agrifood value chain, wherever is more beneficial for the customer. This is possible through the Portable Powder Blending (PPB) unit, the first modular and portable plant in the world, internationally patented by Blendhub Corp. The PPB offers the highest standards in food safety and the lowest price per kilo for specific formulations, minimising financial and operational risks.

Premium Ingredients Quality Service also presents a great innovation in the industry, since it offers quality analysis with total transparency in cost control through the NIR (Near Infrared Spectroscopy), in order to ensure that raw materials and final blends meet the required composition.

Premium Ingredients offers a service of online NIR analysis, which includes both qualitative and quantitative studies through a pay per click system. This allows identifying products and samples or obtaining their physicochemical properties, saving costs in the use of external laboratories. In addition, the company can create NIR libraries upon customers' requests, building their models for quantitative or qualitative studies.