Promising Kemin clinical study in sports and nootropic markets

Human clinical trial data presented at the International Society of Sports Nutrition shows supplementation with Neumentix Phenolic Complex K110-42 supports cognition and enhances physical performance in young, healthy individuals

Neumentix is a safe botanical ingredient that has been clinically studied and shown to support cognitive performance.

Growing interest in connecting nootropic (cognition-enhancing) benefits to physical performance improvements inspired researchers to examine whether Neumentix’s cognitive benefits could also improve physical athletic performance.

Kim Colletti, Global Product Manager for Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, said: “Neumentix stands out in the nootropic market because of its demonstrated efficacy and safety.

It’s been studied in three clinical trials and has also recently earned Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) status. Data from this Makoto study gives supplement manufacturers the flexibility to formulate with Neumentix in a variety of growing categories, for both cognitive and athletic performance.”

The study results were measured with the Makoto Arena, a unique tool that links cognitive function to physical performance. The Makoto Arena is a novel device used to measure reaction time to stimuli, mental focus and hand eye, foot eye coordination.

Healthy, active subjects ages 18–50 years old were supplemented with 900 mg Neumentix or placebo at breakfast for 90 days. Those supplemented with Neumentix showed improved reaction time after 7 days, and improved focus and agility after 30 days.

These results indicate Neumentix benefits athletic performance by supporting cognitive performance in a sports setting.

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