Quatrefolic and the Elderly: challenges and opportunities

Gnosis steadily invests in science to discover and raise awareness of what is going on in the world of folate, emphasising scientifically proven aspects of the role of Quatrefolic (5-methyltetrahydrofolate glucosamin salt) in health and bringing to light the new emerging breakthrough for new applications in wellbeing and health

Folate and the elderly

Folate deficiency is high among individuals aged over 65 – deficiency may reach around 30%. Inadequate folate brings increased risk of chronic diseases and reduced production of neurotransmitters, affecting the central nervous system.

Humans cannot synthesise folate and due to its water soluble nature. The body stores folate to a limited extent. Older people have more intestinal malabsorption and the impairment of metabolism.

    The supplement Quatrefolic provides 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF):
  • the well absorbed folate even when gastrointestinal pH is altered
  • the only species normally found in the circulation
  • the folate normally transported into peripheral tissues, for cellular metabolism
  • the only form able to cross the blood brain barrier

The bioavailability of Quatrefolic is not affected by conversion or metabolic defects typical of folic acid and food folate, such as the polymorphism of enzyme MTHFR.

Due to their unique genetic patterns, some individuals have a polymorphic form of this enzyme and do not produce adequate or effective form of it. The experience impaired folate metabolism and exacerbated folate deficiency.

These genetic alterations are already involved in the increase of homocysteine blood level. Inadequate folate status may result also in hyperhomocysteinemia.

This condition is a significant risk factor of atherosclerotic vascular disease; for changes in DNA that may result in pro-carcinogenic effects; and for increased risk for cognitive dysfunction.

In older adults, the supplementation of the proper form of folate is essential to quickly re-establish the plasma folate levels and to counter the variety of physiologic and pathological changes that influence folate status.

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