Quatrefolic gains approval in Taiwan as non-traditional food ingredient

The Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan officially approved Quatrefolic as a food that had not been consumed by it's population to a significant degree

A non-traditional food ingredient is by definition, the same as novel food status in Europe, which is defined as food that had not been consumed to a significant degree by humans in the EU.

Applications on the use of the glucosamine salt of the (6S)-5- Methyl-tetrahydrofolic acid - the food ingredient known as Gnosis’ Quatrefolic - have been properly defined and published in the relevant specifications, which claim compliance of its product with folic acid standards.

Due to its unique features, Quatrefolic is recommended during all stages of life and also to those individuals affected by MTHFR enzyme polymorphism who do not produce adequate or effective methyltetrahydrofolate Reductase, potentially encountering health problems associated with the lack of vitamin B9.

“Geographical and ethnic distribution of MTHFR polymorphisms have been widely investigated in the last years. Taiwanese population owns to Han ethnicity. Published data in 2017 shows that the frequency of MTHFR polymorphisms is expressed by the 26.1% of the population, in subjects with heterozygous genotype (Yang B. et al. Clin Genet 2017)” said Silvia Pisoni, Marketing Manager of Gnosis.

Quatrefolic is the first choice in the folate supplementation because it maximises the benefit of folate supplementation, protecting naturally all people without the need to identify the presence of MTHFR”.

For more information, please read the official notice, published 21 March on the TFDA website.

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