RedLeaf plants more than 300 acres of RedNatural sorghum crop across central Kentucky


New agro-economic system works in partnership with local farmers

RedLeaf Biologics, an agricultural technology company focused on producing high-value botanical extracts from red sorghum, has planted more than 300 acres of its patented RedNatural sorghum across central Kentucky.

RedLeaf has spent more than a decade developing a novel, non-GMO red sorghum varietal that provides local Kentucky farmers the opportunity to diversify their crop portfolios in a meaningful way.

By its action on three fundamental and interconnected physiologies — oxidative stress, inflammation and immunity — RedLeaf’s proprietary ingredients stand to show promise in a range of health, beauty and nutrition applications.

More than 250 acres of RedNatural sorghum was planted for leaf harvest in early October, with additional acreage for producing next year’s seeds.

“We couldn’t have done this without the knowledge, support and trust of our local farmers,” said Jordan Wood, RedLeaf CEO.

“We’re keenly aware of the importance of our farmers and are excited to continue working with our existing partners while also expanding our grower network and making this special crop available to any farmer’s portfolio.”

Since 2015, local Kentucky farmers have acted as key partners with RedLeaf to establish an entirely new agricultural value chain in the state.

The scale of this year’s planted acreage represents a significant step forward for RedLeaf and its growers. Combined with RedLeaf’s first commercial scale facility in Georgetown, Kentucky, 2022’s acreage enables the company to serve customers at scale and marks an important inflection point in the company’s growth.

As planted acreage continues to increase, RedLeaf remains committed to maintaining the supply chain security and transparency highly valued by today’s brands and consumers.

“Developing and maintaining relationships with our local farmers is essential. By owning our value chain end-to-end, we can deliver an outstanding product to our customers that not only defines a new standard of performance, but also for sustainability, scalability, and supply chain security,” said Parker Camp, RedLeaf Agricultural Operations Manager.

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In each of the next 5 years, RedLeaf expects to expand this planted acreage by a factor of three and into geographies beyond Kentucky to satisfy increasing customer demand for its unique botanical extract.