Redcurrant, the new Nordic superfruit

New processing technology releases the health benefits of the lesser-known redcurrant

Redcurrant (Ribus rubrum) may be less known to the wider audience than other superfruits, but this fresh tasting bright red bundle of vitality carries a wide array of healthy components.

Until recently, these health benefits were beyond reach owing to their low concentrations; but, now, with the new extraction technologies developed by Danish biotech company, Asiros, they can be concentrated and delivered in powder form for the global food and supplement industries.

Ribus rubrum is widely cultivated in Europe and the fresh berries are quite commonly in industry. Redcurrant contains high level of fibre, omega-3/-6/-9 fatty acids and vitamins C and K, all derived from a natural plant source.

In addition, redcurrant has a unique polyphenol profile including Ribetril, a specific polyphenol found in small amounts in selected varieties of currants. Ribetril has a polyphenol alkaloid structure that makes it highly stable and bioactive. Ribetril A, patented by Asiros, acts on key enzymes and has various important physiological effects, including mitochondrial boosting resulting in increased energy. The positive clinical effects have been demonstrated by a wide range of in vitro and in vivo studies.

To capture the whole berry profile and make the health benefits available to the consumer in safe, natural and conveniently concentrated form, a new generation of processing technology was required. BerryShield technology stabilises the raw material and prevents the loss of valuable compounds, oxidation and rancidity during and after processing, resulting a more stable consumer product.

It works for both lipid and aqueous components, offering an advanced multifunctional antioxidative processing platform that protects the crucial components of berries and fruit far better than usual processing technology. Berryshield can also help to stabilise juice concentrates.

With the BerryShield technology, Asiros is able to supply the market with a range of stable powders under the ExtraBerry brand. ExtraBerry is a new generation of berry powders with improved taste, nutritional and application profiles.

The powder processing technology preserves and significantly increases the healthy compounds naturally present in berries and other plant material. These include omega-3, -6 and -9, polyphenols, minerals and fibres that can be customised to suit various needs. The berries are sourced locally in the Northern European region and the advanced fractionation and processing is performed in Denmark.

In addition to redcurrant, the ExtraBerry range also comprises sour cherry and blackcurrant products. These are available in different powder forms and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including supplements, bakery, beverages and dairy, to name a few.