Rimfrost krill oil receives regulatory approval in Brazil


Antarctic krill set to penetrate South American market

Rimfrost AS is a Norwegian, vertically integrated krill company that offers krill oil and krill powder to the global food supplement markets.

The company’s strategy to offer this product in South America has now reached a milestone as the company has been granted regulatory approval in Brazil.

The health and wellness market remains strong in Brazil and consumers are increasingly looking for natural products with a high degree of added value.

Krill oil from Rimfrost is characterised by its phospholipid bound omega-3 fatty acid content and clear red colour coming from the carotenoid antioxidant astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is known to be a highly potent antioxidant supporting the stability of cell membranes. As for all carotenoids, the bioavailability of astaxanthin is quite low. However, in association with krill oil phospholipids, the bioavailability of astaxanthin is increased.

'We are happy to have received regulatory approval for Rimfrost krill oil in Brazil and we strongly believe that we are perfectly positioned in this market as our oil is 100% natural and contains a high concentration of astaxanthin,' says Ole Arne Eiksund, EVP, Rimfrost AS.

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'It is well known that UV light induces oxidative damage to the skin and eyes and this is a concern in southern countries such as Brazil. We will continue to develop and publish documentation regarding the antioxidant properties of Rimfrost krill to support our customers and grow the krill oil market in Brazil,' added Dr Inge Bruheim, Chief Scientific Officer, Rimfrost AS.