Robertet increases nutricosmetic production power

By Sophie Bullimore 21-Oct-2019

Manufacturing site in Grasse will double the production capacity for Lipowheat, the French company's flagship ingredient, and will come on stream in early 2020

Robertet’s production site

Robertet has decided to invest in an additional production unit to meet the growing demand for its flagship ingredient Lipowheat. This new unit in Grasse (France) will double the production capacity and come on stream in early 2020.


It is no secret that a healthy-looking skin is an indicator of overall good health. In fact, the skin acts as a mirror reflecting the body's internal balance and health. The Japanese were the first to consume food supplements and functional foods for beauty purposes. The trend, now known as nutricosmetics, have since moved to other parts of the world and began to develop in Europe and the US.

A plant-based ingredient targeted for skin beauty and anti-ageing, Lipowheat contains several types of lipids: ceramides, glycolipids, phospholipids and unsaponifiables. Lipowheat restores the skin's protective barrier and locks in moisture, resulting in hydrated and glowing skin.


The wheat variety from which Lipowheat is extracted only grows in certain parts of Europe. This particular variety produces the high-quality lipids found in Lipowheat and guarantees its power to deliver visible results. The extraction process respects the integrity of the raw materials, preventing the oils from being denatured, and ensuring the absence of gluten in the finished ingredient.

With six oral clinical studies, Lipowheat is the most scientifically studied of all phytoceramide ingredients. The latest study was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in May 2019 and indicates that Lipowheat has long-lasting effects, even in post-supplementation.

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Lipowheat can be used in a variety of forms: soft capsules, capsules, beauty shots, droppers and cosmetics.