Robertet introduces Holimel to protect against UV damage


Robertet, booth TT159 at SupplySide West 2017, will introduce Holimel, a new, innovative, and holistic solution designed to protect the skin from UV and its associated damages

Holimel is a patented melon juice concentrate

Holimel is a patented melon juice concentrate

Clinically proven Holimel is a patented melon juice concentrate with a high source of natural and protected Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). Developed by Bionov, a Robertet company, Holimel boosts the skin’s natural antioxidant defense, thus preventing oxidative stress and inflammation caused by environmental threats and the natural ageing process. Unique natural coatings make Holimel available for use in both ingestible and topical applications for food, food supplements and cosmetic products.

UV is regarded as the most important risk factor contributing to skin disorders and sunburn. UV is responsible for 80% of the visible changes commonly attributed to skin ageing including: pigmentation disorders, wrinkles, and texture.1

At SupplySide West, Robertet will showcase an “In & Out” skin protection concept to meet the growing interest in a more natural and holistic approach to daily photoprotection. The concept includes an instant powder drink and a face cream mixing Holimel with natural flavours and fragrances leveraging Robertet long expertise in those markets.

Robertet will also present a Keranat “In & Out” concept, composed of a dietary supplement and a scalp serum. Excessive hair loss is a main beauty concern that affects up to 50% of women in their lifetime.2 In today’s market, new offerings and solutions to fight against hair loss are limited. Keranat is a game-changing ingredient that fights against hair loss and enhances hair beauty by acting on key factors of the hair cycle: cell proliferation, growth factors, and hair anchorage.

Patented in the US and backed by in-depth science, Keranat opens a field of new opportunities in the hair product market and answers consumer’s demand for natural and safe hair solutions.

With Holimel and Keranat, Robertet offers two major beauty innovations for the nutricosmetic and cosmetic markets that meet the needs of consumers looking for new, natural and effective ingredients. Easy to formulate, these ingredients can be part of a wide range of finished products from capsules, tablets, softgels to creams and serums.

“The idea behind these two concepts is to highlight our polyfunctional expertise in natural ingredients making Robertet a full natural solutions provider for food supplements, cosmetics, and functional food & beverage companies.

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Click here to download the Holimel white paper

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