Royal DSM wins distribution rights to SLS nutraceutical products


The Asia Pacific region is the key focus location

Royal DSM wins distribution rights to SLS nutraceutical products

Royal DSM has concluded a collaboration agreement with Singapore-based SLS Nutraceuticals.

The collaboration delivers supplementation solutions that look to help maintain cognitive performance of an individual living under stressful modern lifestyle well into advanced age.

The collaboration will grant DSM Nutritional Products exclusive distribution rights of SLS Nutraceuticals products; Edge and Revive, and the proprietary ingredient complex, NeuroShield. The products have been formulated by SLS to bring together western neuroscience with traditional eastern medicines.

The products provide consumers with a sustained approach towards optimising adult brain performance and support healthy brain ageing.

The companies will also collaborate on further clinical trials focused on brain health and cognitive performance.

Following the deal, DSM will be able to provide an end-to-end solution to customers in the supplement and food & beverage space, with broad and fast market access for consumers. The Asia Pacific region is a key focus area, with subsequent expansion beyond.

“SLS Nutraceuticals is excited to partner with DSM to tackle the fastest-growing category in this region, and in nutrition at large - brain health,” said Dr Shawn Watson, CEO and Founder of Senescence, the parent company of SLS.

A recent health concerns survey conducted by DSM showed that brain health and cognition are amongst the main concerns of consumers in Asia Pacific. Amid dramatic demographic shifts in the region, consumers are growing older and living longer meaning that a large portion of a population is collectively and rapidly experiencing ageing.

This increase in population proportions has, in turn, had significant social and economic implications. It is estimated that by 2030, medical costs associated with an aged society will reach US$20 trillion.

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that implementing nutritional intervention strategies as part of a long-term, preventative approach could help to address the health challenges of today’s Asian society.

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“More than just ingredients, we are driven by locally relevant solutions that address the needs of our consumers in Asia Pacific,” said Anand Sundaresan, VP of Human Nutrition and Health at DSM Nutritional Products Asia Pacific.