Sabinsa granted patent in Mexico on Boswellin Ps for inflammation

This property of the composition was also awarded with a patent grant in Australia, Canada, Eurasia and Taiwan

Sabinsa has expanded its portfolio of intellectual property with a patent granted in Mexico for the company’s Boswellia serrata ingredient Boswellin PS.

This patent, MX328842, is for a synergistic composition containing boswellic acids and polysaccharides obtained from the Boswellia species for its property to downregulate pro-inflammatory markers. This includes, for example, PGE2, which drives the inflammatory process in different diseases.

“Inflammation is an underlying cause of many health conditions throughout the world,” said Dr. Muhammed Majeed, founder and chairman of Sabinsa. “By applying modern research to ancient Ayurvedic knowledge Sabinsa has been able to provide natural solutions, including the Boswellin PS ingredient, to this common condition.”

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