Sabinsa publishes research on BioPerine black pepper extract

Sabinsa has published a book on the company’s patented black pepper extract BioPerine, widely used to enhance the bioavailability of other nutrients as well as for its thermo-nutrient properties

The book, “BioPerine® — Nature’s Own Super Nutrient” was written by several of the company’s scientists, including Dr Muhammad Majeed, founder of Sabinsa Corporation.

The book brings together twenty years of scientific validation of the traditionally known medicinal values of black pepper, in particular its chief chemical constituent piperine, in a systematic and scientific way.

Filled with original pictures, graphs and tables, the book is a compendium of the knowledge obtained since Sabinsa’s introduction of BioPerine two decades ago.

Shaheen Majeed, President of Sabinsa Worldwide, said: “Although other suppliers have attempted to copy BioPerine, no other black pepper in the world has the scientific validation as presented in this book. Everything known about BioPerine — the making of it, its mechanism of action, its bioavailability enhancement, its various health benefits, its metabolism and long-term safety — is encapsulated in this book.”

A book launch event was held at the University of Dhaka, the oldest university in Bangladesh, where Dr Majeed presented the first copy of the book to the University’s Vice Chancellor Dr AAMS Arefin Siddique.

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