Sami-Sabinsa Group acquires exclusive global marketing rights

The ingredients manufacturer has acquired the marketing rights for Oroxylum indicum, a species of flowering plant

L-R: Dr D. Shailaja and Dr Muhammed Majeed

The Sami-Sabinsa Group, which manufactures and markets phytonutrients and standardised herbal extracts, specialty fine chemicals and organic intermediates used in the nutritional, cosmeceutical and food industries worldwide, has acquired exclusive global marketing rights for two patents on Oroxylum indicum from one of India’s longest-established R&D labs, the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR), Hyderabad.

Both patents disclose the biological use of bioactive compounds isolated from the plant Oroxylum indicum. The US patent discloses a method of treating gastric ulcers induced by aspirin using a composition containing Oroxylin A, Baicalein and Chrysin isolated from Oroxylum indicum.

The EU Patent discloses the use of bioactive molecules Oroxylin A, Baicalein and Chrysin as a potent alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, used as a supplement or incorporated into pharmaceuticals, food products and health foods for treating hyperglycemia (elevated glucose levels).

These bioactives have great potential in alleviating the symptoms of hyperglycemia associated with diabetes, obesity and other related conditions. The licensed invention relates to methods of using Oroxylum indicum as a rich source for flavonoid compounds having mucoprotective and antigastric ulcer properties, and containing Oroxylin A, Chrysin and Baicalein.

Dr Muhammed Majeed, founder and chairman of the Sami-Sabinsa Group signed the agreement with Dr D. Shailaja, Head of Business Development and Research Management & Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR - Indian Institute of Chemical Technology at Sami Labs Bangalore, India office.

“This accomplishment is another important milestone as it accelerates our mission to provide quality products that benefit human health throughout the world,” said Dr Majeed.

“With our global presence, we will be able to bring this ancient remedy supported by modern research into the marketplace.”

Oroxylum indicum is a species of flowering plant belonging to the monotypic genus Oroxylum and the family Bignoniaceae, customarily called a variety of intriguing names including midnight horror, Indian trumpet flower, broken bones, Indian caper, and tree of Damocles.

Traditional Ayurvedic medicinal uses of Oroxylum indicum include: the decoction of the bark from the plant taken for curing gastric ulcer; a paste made of the bark powder applied for mouth cancer, scabies, and other skin diseases; the seed is ground with fire-soot into a paste applied to the neck for quick relief of tonsil pain; a paste made of the bark applied to the wounds of animals to kill maggots; and a decoction of the bark is given to animals for deworming. The plant is also claimed to have anti-cancer properties.

The specific patents are European EP1986670 and USA US7855200.

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