Small peptides, big performance

Hi Europe 2018, Hall 8, Booth E41: GELITA showcases Bioactive Collagen Peptides for a healthy and efficient musculoskeletal system

GELITA is focusing on sports nutrition at this year's Health ingredients Europe.

With TENDOFORTE, the company has now added specific collagen peptides to its portfolio to keep tendons and ligaments strong and flexible.

Not only do they minimise the risk of damage, they also enable faster regeneration after an injury. With its special active profile, TENDOFORTE is a useful addition to the existing collagen peptide range, which enables the development of tailor-made sports products with a focus on muscle growth (BODYBALANCE), strong bones (FORTIBONE) and joint health (FORTIGEL).

Overuse-induced tendon and ligament injuries are common in both amateur and professional sportspeople.

GELITA has specifically developed TENDOFORTE to target athletically active consumers: the Bioactive Collagen Peptides stimulate the structure-forming cells of the tendons and ligaments to form more matrix molecules and thus keep them strong and flexible.

Scientific studies confirm this positive effect and prove that TENDOFORTE has a both a preventive effect and also accelerates regeneration, helping athletes to return to their previous performance levels.

The modes of action of GELITA’s other "sporty" collagen peptides have also been scientifically proven.

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BODYBALANCE helps active people to build muscle mass and reduce fat — and thus get their figure into shape faster — whereas FORTIGEL promotes joint health by helping to rebuild cartilage tissue.

FORTIBONE has been specially developed to stimulate collagen metabolism in bones, contributing to the long-term stability and flexibility of bones.

This year, GELITA's experts will be presenting a functional sports bar with TENDOFORTE, developed especially for Hi Europe, which combines added health benefits with convenience and the best taste.

At the same time, this sample illustrates the uncomplicated technological handling of collagen peptides: whether in liquid or solid functional foods or as dietary supplements, they can be easily integrated into almost any product matrix without impairing the sensory profile.

They are natural, free from allergens and genetic engineering, and suitable for clean label formulations.