Small steps to a big goal: Lycored celebrates athletic achievement


A new film about an amazing athletic achievement offers a metaphor for consumer wellness journeys, according to Lycored

Small steps to a big goal: Lycored celebrates athletic achievement

The global wellness company is one of the coproducers of short documentary called Pathfinder.

It follows a group of athletes who travelled to Senja Island in Norway last year. Their aim was to walk on a slackline underneath the famous Northern Lights – a feat never before captured on film.

Despite perils including a blizzard that forced them to move camp in the middle of the night, they were eventually able to hang the line between two peaks. The film then captures them crossing it as the Aurora Borealis lights up the evening sky.

Lycored coproduced Pathfinder after noticing parallels with its own wellness philosophy, which emphasises gradual change rather than sudden transformation. The company’s app, littleglow, helps consumers take small daily steps towards their wellness goals.

Zev Ziegler, Head of Global Brand and Marketing, Health, at Lycored, said: “The achievement documented in this film is spectacular, but also the result of a long, patient journey."

"The athletes took small steps – both literally and metaphorically – to achieve what they did."

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That’s exactly how Lycored sees the road to wellness for most consumers. It’s not a sudden transformation but a series of minor adjustments to nutrition, exercise and other elements of a healthy lifestyle.”