Sports and Active Nutrition: A category being redefined by consumer trends


Consumers have adopted a long-term, proactive approach to health; recognising direct links categories such as digestive, cognitive, and immune wellbeing play on mobility, joint, and sports nutrition

Health & wellness goals are no longer aspirational, but proactively driven by a deeper desire to be and stay healthy. Globally, consumers are recognising that diet and lifestyle traits could increase the risk of long-term health problems. As a result, consumers want immediate solutions for their health concerns, but don’t feel the market is currently offering nutritional products tailored to their needs.

With skepticism that the market can fulfill current demands, there is opportunity to launch new and innovative, trusted solutions that offer maximum efficacy, tell a story, and fill this need.

While health and wellbeing trends were instigated by the onset of the global pandemic, it is said that these trends were inevitable and would have been seen over time regardless. Though trends are often transient, it is predicted that they will continue upward with formulators having opportunity to attract a long-term customer base targeting sports nutrition and active living through cognitive / mental health, improved energy and performance levels, restorative sleep, immune health, weight management, digestive / gut health, cardiovascular support, muscle building and maintenance, bone and joint care, and more!

This acknowledgment of the links between physical and mental wellbeing have stirred greater interest in a whole-body, holistic approach to health.

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