Stand-up pouches for customised food supplements and protein powders


Laboratoire PYC completes its line of doypacks with dosing spoons

The health and nutrition segment had seen the arrival of a larger packaging in recent years: the stand-up pouch.

Healthy snacks, seeds and superfruits and food supplements have not escaped this new format.

After investing in a stand-up pouch line, Laboratoire PYC has chosen, in 2020, to expand its packaging services with dosing spoons for stand-up pouch.

The objective: to answer the need for precise measurement of doses, particularly on food supplements (daily intakes). The project is currently being carried out by Laboratoire PYC's industrialisation team, with the aim of being available by the end of 2020.

Romain Chaintreuil, Head of Operations at Laboratoire PYC, explains: "The aim of this equipment is to provide our customers with a complete product that meets consumer expectations and respects the environment."

The demand for stand-up pouch food supplements has continued to increase since 2015 (source: GNPD, Mintel) in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Collagen food supplements, for example, are increasingly presented in this format.

Brands of milk shakes for meal replacements or protein shakes are also increasingly opting for this highly visible and attractive packaging on their shelves. Launches of this type are flourishing both in shops and on the Internet. The large communication surface of the packaging is an attractive reason for this.

At Laboratoire PYC, the automated stand-up pouch line enables the filling of stand-up pouches of different capacities with mixes of flavoured powders (food supplements, health mixes, proteins, meal replacements, etc.). The stand-up pouches are fully customisable.

Stand-up pouches: ecological footprint

To limit the ecological footprint, the team is studying a selection of measuring spoons likely to comply with future European regulations on plastics (at least three formats).

With the growing concern about plastic discharges into the ocean, in particular, consumer attention is turning towards more environmentally friendly packaging.

The PYC industrialisation team has therefore studied recyclable materials for stand-up pouches (mono-materials) to meet these expectations. The team works jointly with packaging suppliers to remain as proactive as possible on this point.

In addition, the stand-up pouch remains an interesting packaging for transport and its environmental footprint. According to a recent GNPD (Mintel) report, this is an ideal solution to reduce the weight of the packaging by 95%, the transported weight by 45% and the transported volume by 63%.

With the strong development of online sales of food supplements and nutrition, during the containment period and even today, both manufacturers and brands are looking to reduce transport costs and its ecological footprint. The stand-up pouch is also being considered for these advantages.

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Finally, consumers are obviously turning to new brands for new experiences. This idea can be used to offer attractive and fun stand-up pouches.