SternLife to present a new organic smoothie with superfoods at Vitafoods


Millennials are currently the most interesting and relevant target group for the food industry today

Health-conscious, well informed and open to new ideas is how the millennial generation might be described.

Today, people aged 35 and below are far more interested in a healthy diet than the generation before them. They are the initiators of a stronger trend towards vegetarian, vegan or high-protein products and superfoods. Even though they are currently not the group that has the most money to spend, the millennials are the most interesting and relevant target group for the food industry.

SternLife has taken up the trend with a tailor-made product concept: at this year’s Vitafoods in Geneva, it will present its instantised shake range, 'smile!' At the exhibition, the company will show the green variant of the shake, which is based on vegetable powder made of spinach, kale and apples.

'Our mix of different kinds of vegetable protein ensures a balanced amino acid profile,' says Antje Wetzel, Head of Product Development at SternLife. 'The shake contains a large proportion of all the essential amino acids that the human body can exploit well. It is ideal for people who need to perform efficiently and, at the same time, wish to optimise their diet, although they have little time to spare,' Wetzel explains.

The 'green smile!' variant contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant metabolites with health-promoting properties that include an antioxidative effect. The mix of vitalising superfoods, such as wheat grass and Moringa oleifera, is also rich in potassium, iron, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin A. The organic mixture is rounded off with quality fruit and vegetable powders.

The special feature of the 'green smile!' variant is its high protein content: the full 55% protein from different purely vegetable sources helps to build up and maintain muscle mass. The drink therefore has the ideal nutrient profile for people who engage in active sports. Its composition is optimally adjusted for regeneration after training sessions or contests.

The smoothie can also be used for balanced weight management, as the shake has an extremely high nutrient density in spite of a relatively low calorie content. With its high proportion of dietary fibres, it creates a pleasant feeling of satisfaction.

'smile!' contains no gluten, soy or lactose. The drink is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people who follow a raw food diet. It can be quickly prepared by mixing the powder with water in a shaker. After Vitafoods, the range will be extended with other product variants such as 'yellow smile!' — a fruity counterpart made with pineapple or mango — and 'berry smile! — a sweet counterpart made with berries.

As a full-service supplier, SternLife develops individual product solutions for sellers of branded goods and private labels in the retail trade. The wishes of the millennials are already being considered in developmental work. 'More and more people want to know where their food comes from and how it is processed. They are very interested in clean label products. So, when choosing raw materials, we make sure they are natural ingredients of the highest possible organic quality,' Antje Wetzel emphasises.

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SternLife is setting a new tone with 'smile!' Whether for focused start-up enterprises, established sport brands, pharmacy and drugstore chains, health food shops or specialist organic outlets, with the diversity of positioning it offers, the organic 'BIO' smoothie concept is an attractive range extension that takes up the latest trends and opens up access to new target groups.