Sunwin Stevia sees 50% in annual growth in sales of stevia extracts in the coming years


Company plans to expand its marketing efforts to South America

Sunwin Stevia, one of the top global suppliers of high quality stevia extracts, including Rebaudioside A98 and Rebaudioside A99, has announced that management forecasts substantial increase in sales of its stevia extracts in 2016 and beyond.

In the 2014 fiscal year ending 30 April 2014, Sunwin Stevia sold approximately 310 metric tons of stevia extracts with approximately $10 million in sale revenues. Sunwin Stevia sold approximately 366 metric tons of stevia products in the fiscal year of 2015, ending 30 April2015, with approximately $15.2 million in sale revenues, an increase of 54% in sale revenues of stevia extracts compared with the 2014 fiscal year.

In the 2015 fiscal year, Sunwin Stevia sold more high-grade stevia extracts compared with the 2014 fiscal year. Management forecasts sale of its stevia extracts will continue to grow and have at least another increase of 50% in the 2016 fiscal year compared with the 2015 fiscal year. Management sees 50% in annual growth of sales of stevia extracts will continue in years to come.

Ms Dongdong Lin, CEO of Sunwin Stevia, stated: 'We are very pleased with the substantial growth in sales of our stevia extracts in the past year, as we continue to develop new products for our global clients and expand our market reach worldwide.'

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'As sales of our high-grade stevia extracts continues to grow, our gross profit margin has increased substantially. In the past 2 years, we have invested substantial capital and resources in R&D and production facilities. We are seeing that our investment is yielding great results for us in the marketplace. As we continue to increase our use of newly built production facilities, we hope that our profit margins will continue to increase. We plan to expand our marketing efforts to South America in addition to North America, European Union and Asia,' she added.